Naming your mobile app: hard decisions

mobile-app-nameBeing a programmer, I find myself out of touch with the more artistic capabilities the designer here at Atomic has. To be honest, I don’t have a creative bone in my body. One could argue that programming is just as creative, but I am talking about expressive creativity.

Forget about me designing a web layout or coming up with a great logo. It’s just not happening. I know my limitations and do not tend to deceive myself. I rely on our designer here for any artistic work. So when it comes to coming up with something as simple as a name for a new app, I find myself lost in thinking up a short descriptive word to define the app and it’s functionality.

If you have the same problem, or even if you don’t, I’ve found a nice and short article that is definitely worth the read. Top 10 tips for naming your app makes some great points without being too preachy. Everyone is different and gives different levels of importance to everything there is to consider when coming up with the perfect name, but these 10 tips Dan Rose mentions gave me great insight into what I should consider the next time I am stuck thinking up a name for my next app.