Server Installation & Integration


Server installation and integration services from Atomic are efficient, professional, and well-supported. Let us handle the process of seamlessly installing or integrating your hardware or software so you can rest easy knowing that your data is well-supported and secure. Atomic prides itself on installation and integration of hardware and software into a network environment. We can set your servers up for the following applications:

-Database Server
-File Server
-Mail Server
-Print Server
-Web Server
-Gaming Server
-Application Server

It can be confusing to begin the process of installing and integrating hardware and software for networks. Atomic is here to help, using our years of experience in the field to provide you with the utmost support and service to fit your needs. We maintain our own servers at our data center as well. You can choose Atomic with confidence that we will treat your servers as ones of our own. We continue to operate servers we’ve installed for large networks as well as small home ones. Server-oriented operating systems can interact with hardware sensors to detect things like overheating, processor and disk failure, and alert you to take action on critical potential issues beforehand. We also have backups in place for all of your files should any issues arise. Your files and connections are important to us!

Another item of importance is flexibility. Since servers must supply a restricted range of services to perhaps many users, but computers must carry out a wide range of functions, operating system requirements are different from those of a desktop machine. We like to provide our customers with the flexibility to build their own server if they so choose, and we have the ability to do this for them as well. We can install and work on anything from Linux to Windows servers and are happy to provide you with pros and cons of both. Our reward is in the final product and the customer’s happiness with it.

Just as with our Networking Services, years of experience operating servers has led us to give you the best equipment for your dollar, with options available for any budget. Years of installation experience allows us to troubleshoot and solve any problems you may have. We communicate and answer any questions that may come up during the process, and are happy to explain how we can take you to the next level with our installation and integration so you have a seamless transition from good to better. Call 513-528-0953 to find out more today!