Mobile Development


Mobile site and app development are very important services in an increasingly tablet and cell phone-driven world, both for business and entertainment. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly web site or app, you risk losing potential sales and customers who may find an outdated design cumbersome.

Mobile Site Development

Mobile site development from Atomic ensures that you will have a great-looking version of your regular web site in a mobile-friendly format. Instead of users becoming frustrated with having to scroll, zoom, and scroll some more just to get to a specific section of your site, they can now enjoy a clean, easy to navigate mobile site. We optimize your site for many different sizes of screens, from IPhone and other mobile phone dimensions to IPad and many more. With a growing portion of Internet users browsing sites from their mobile devices, don’t miss out on extra opportunities for business. Call Atomic for a consultation about your site today!

Application (App) Development

We’ve designed apps for a wide range of purposes, including everything from vacations in Las Vegas to a dining coupon and location application. You are limited only by your creativity in what you can come up with for us to create. We develop applications for both Android and IPhone. Let our years of experience in app development work for you.

We meet with clients individually to ensure their dreams become a reality. All you need is an idea or general concept, and Atomic can make it happen. We have a dedicated team of graphic designers, programmers, and content writers to make sure the job gets done to your specifications and your dream realized. An app should not only be attractive to the user, it should be easy to use and implement to new users. We believe we can create you a functional, great-looking app at a good price.

Whether it’s an Android or IPhone app, or a simple version of your web site for mobile phones, Atomic has you covered. Our programming team works with the latest technology and ideas to ensure you’ll have something current and effective for your goal, whether it’s increasing traffic to your site, or a mobile version of it. We keep up with the trends to ensure you have all the best features on your mobile site or app, enhancing the user experience and satisfaction with your operation.

Call 513-528-0953 to find out more about mobile site and app development from Atomic today!