Email Marketing


Email Marketing from Atomic will put you in a position to reach prized customers and get them to recognize your company’s communication as not only important, but vital. Your success in a busy online marketplace can depend on how the company or business image is portrayed, and a major factor in converting sales and building your reputation in the business world. We believe in partnering with companies to effectively communicate their strategy on a regular basis to consumers, then building on that partnership to offer more dynamic capabilities over time.

We study your competition, the market, and effective sales and communication techniques to craft the perfect email marketing campaign that is unique to you. We do not use templates, nor do we hire outside teams to do the dirty work. We have our own email marketing platform, and we can work with third party platforms like Mailchimp if necessary. Having our own platform gives us the freedom to customize your emails to your liking, instead of giving you a list of templates to choose from. That flexibility and freedom is something that cannot be undervalued in a competitive email marketing world.

We offer competitive pricing and a team that is dedicated solely to you. You can speak directly to those working on your campaign at any time, and are happy to work as a team with you to achieve desired results. We also recognize the rising growth of social media and are happy to discuss integrating this along with email marketing as well. The more places you can get your message across, the better!

After you create a successful campaign, you’ll want to track it too. We have tools to track how many people have opened, read, deleted, or unsubscribed, and also have the ability to do A/B testing and analytics in-depth to ensure maximum effect and efficiency. Your business is our business at Atomic.

Our writing team can make sure that you get your point across, whether it’s informing others about your company’s recent successes or encouraging new clients to network, we have the communication skills to make sure your message is understood and effective. Mass e-mails are either deleted or read based on what’s inside, and we have the tips and tricks to make sure that whoever is on your e-mail list is reading your news, purchasing your product, and coming back for more! Call 513-528-0953 for a quote today!