Email Hosting


Email Hosting with Atomic is hassle-free, well-supported, and simple to set up and maintain. We are happy to give you the best POP and Exchange email hosting at a fantastic price. Whether you’re looking for a simple e-mail account for yourself or small business, or looking to migrate hundreds of accounts, Atomic is the answer to your email hosting needs.

We recognize that uptime is important in business, and are happy to support and troubleshoot any issues you may have at any time. Our commitment is to the customer, and your business is important to us as well. We have a 99% uptime on all of our hosted email accounts. We can even set you up on your own server, should your needs warrant it. Unlike other big business hosting companies, we can work on your account and give you the personal attention you need, guaranteed. We want you to be able to focus on your business and let us take care of the rest. You can have the power, flexibility, and scalability of a dedicated server while our team of professionals handles the dirty work, available to you 24/7 with on-site servers, support, and regular backups to ensure your data is both secure and stored for as long as you need it. Atomic is your Cincinnati email hosting company!

We are happy to provide references from happy clients who remain with us, using our services to this day. Our enjoyment comes from seeing clients happy with their service, and we will not stop working until that goal is achieved. We offer multiple layers of spam and virus protection, and recognize that mistakes happen. Our IT department works tirelessly to ensure that if you or one of your employees gets a virus, it is quickly removed and extra levels of protection added so your data is safe.

For you to get the most value for your dollar, come to Atomic to host all of your important e-mails that can’t get lost. We’ll ensure you of the easiest way to navigate your e-mail, with plenty of support should you need it. We also offer mass e-mail sending and storing services, and can adjust a hosting plan to fit any e-mail needs you have, whether it’s reaching thousands of customers with the click of a button, or organizing the home office e-mail, and much more, Atomic can handle all of your e-mail questions. Call 513-528-0953 for more information and pricing today.