Social Network Marketing


The role of social media has grown when it comes to a company’s online presence. There are signs that the major search engines are beginning to factor social signals into their search algorithms. Major industry studies have also shown a positive correlation with social signals such as Google Plus votes and shares.

There are so many social media options on the web at this time, including but not limited to; Youtube, Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Atomic Computers will assist you with navigating the confusing and crowded network of social media sites.

Let Atomic Computers Help

Atomic Computers offers a social media management service that will assist you with staying on top of the most important social sites on the web. We ensure that all of our client’s social media platforms are consistent with their brand image to establish a dominant and consistent recognition across the web.

We work with businesses to create social media campaigns and promotions across a wide-range of social networks to drive consumers to their brand and website. Once a social promotion has been approved, Atomic Computers does all of the hard work in creating, monitoring, promoting, and tracking the campaign.

Another aspect of social marketing is the creation of fresh and engaging content. High quality content is something that users will find interesting and share. We work with our clients to not only develop, but implement a content strategy calendar to ensure high quality content is being published on a regular basis. With Atomic Computers social media management services, it is simple to have shareable content going out to your fans on a frequent basis.

Measuring Social Signals

Currently, Atomic Computers uses a great reporting platform that allows us to bring back insightful reports and metrics on your social networks. We can show you which updates generated the most interest to adapt your future campaigns accordingly.

Why Atomic Computers Social Media Management

Atomic Computer’s social media services are your best option for developing a successful social campaign. We are as invested in your business as you are, and we strive to maximize your engagement and growth through the web.

Social media is a huge new way for you to connect with your fans, similar companies, and expand your business. The sky is the limit, and we’re here to organize a custom campaign to fit your needs. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many other applications are at our disposal to help you reach your target audience and connect with the technology age.