Server Colocation


Server colocation with Atomic is the ultimate in safety and security for you and your data. We believe you should be free to pursue interests and activities that further your business, and Atomic can handle the rest. We manage and update your servers on-site, which means no worrisome calls without direct control over your data. We can see your servers and have direct access to them at all times directly. This direct access enables us to give you unparalleled customer service and support for your most prized asset—your data, and your servers.

Take control of your hosting situation and establish a partnership with Atomic with you for server colocation. We also have backup generators in case of any sort of power failure, so your servers will continue running strong no matter what the circumstances. Store your data at our location without the hassle of a big company making you feel like just another number. If you need your server to be more robust than the capabilities of regular web hosting, we’re the place to go. We have years of experience in the hardware industry, and are happy to put that experience to work for you with server colocation services.

Avoid the cost every time your server needs upgraded and let Atomic handle the heavy lifting, keeping your servers secure and updated. We can even recommend server setups if you’re just getting started. If you have a large web site but don’t want to deal with network connections, Atomic is a great home for your server or servers. We put you in control. If you want your server upgraded with more memory, we are happy to do it. There are no limits to what we can do for you. Higher bandwidth speeds and better redundancy for the network connections are within your reach. Securely access your private servers with ease, backed up fully by Atomic’s support staff. Gain all the benefits a private datacenter would give you, with personal care and customer support that is unrivaled by anyone else in the industry, and all at a fraction of the cost.

Your data is safe with Atomic. We offer great pricing for the most secure options in data storage and setup. Your data is our priority, and our reliability is unmatched. Want the most uptime and support for your money? Go with Atomic and be secure and confident in your solution. Call (513) 528-0953 for additional pricing, or request a quote.