How to Drive Traffic From Instagram


Generating traffic from Instagram is a difficult, but not impossible chore. Generally speaking Instagram is primarily used for raising brand awareness and developing a community around said brand. Using Instagram to drive traffic to your site is one of the nice side-effects of this social platform, but it must be used properly and effectively to avoid spamming and turning your community away.

With that said, here are some key ways to drive traffic to your site from Instagram.

Add your web address to your bio

When an Instagram user wants to see what your page is all about they will most likely start with your profile’s bio. This area is a prime location for linking to your site. While the Instagram bio is limited to 150 characters, your url should definitely take up some of that space. Use the remaining space to get creative and separate yourself from the other users on Instagram.

Leave a shortened version of your link in comments

Links that are posted within comments will not be active while on Instagram. However these links are live when the photo is shared onto Facebook or Twitter. It is here that these links can help to drive traffic to your site.

Watermark your images

Watermarking your images is a great way to gain some traffic when an image unexpectedly goes viral. Thankfully there is even a cheap app for your phone for this. iWatermark will allow you to easily add your logo or url to all images posted from your phone.

Include prices on product photos

When posting images of your products do not be afraid to include the price tag on these pictures. Product shots with prices tend to have a higher click-through-rate so do not hesitate to include this vital piece of information. If a user is interested in their product they will click through to your site if they see a price.

Just remember, the purpose of Instagram is to build up brand recognition. While additional traffic to your site is always nice, it is more important to develop an authentic and active community based around your brand.