GTA V Got Trolled Hard

Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV) was released yesterday, but despite its hype and large sales numbers it was not the number one trending topic on Twitter.

Volition, the developers of Saints Row 4 came up with a creative marketing ploy to promote their new Downloadable Content Pack, Gat V. The naming of this DLC pack seems to have been made with the pure intention of trolling Rockstar Games, developer of Grand Theft Auto. As Grand Theft Auto was trending on Twitter, under the #GTAV, the GATV DLC pack was released for free on Steam.

Some paid tweet promotions with the #GATV quickly left a ton of consumers confused. Seeing #GATV trending, largely due to ads at first, many Twitter users began to incorrectly use this tag instead of the actual tag for Grand Theft Auto, #GTAV. This confusion led to a ton of free promotion for Volition and their GATV DLC.

Some of the confused reactions can be seen below. 

gta gets trolled hard