Best of Both Worlds

The Challenge
Our client needed to update their web presence to help supplement advertising and sales at their physical location. Their existing website was based on older technologies and a table-based layout. The site desperately needed to highlight the products being offered and have a more clear visual hierarchy. This would allow customers to be directed to the products more quickly and have a better user experience overall.

The Solution
With the use of color & css/html, we were able to give the site a full make over, removing the old table-based layout and updating the user interface to allow for ease of navigation.

We also gave “The Best of Both Worlds” some instruction on how to better photograph their product line so users get a better representation of what they are buying.

We reorganized the data structure of the site using the proper html tags to allow for better SEO and site indexing.

We were able to maintain key parts of their shopping cart software, and used a bit of PHP magic to update some of database queries and search features to improve the site speed as well as keeping the cost of the project lower.

The Results
The new, much more vibrant color palette and site branding really helped to showcase our client’s overall passion for their products and better represent their sales niche. Theatre costumes and props should NOT be boring.

The improved menu systems and user interface allowed the customers to find what they were looking for quicker and easier. This led to a lot of customer compliments when the site was launched.

The content management system we provided allowed our client to dynamically change all the products and spotlights on the index page, “The Best of Both Worlds” was able to specifically target upcoming plays and events in the area. This, coupled with their better product shots led to an increase in overall sales for the site.