German Justice Minister says Google Should Reveal Algorithm

Google has been stuck in a long ongoing battle between anti-trust unions in Europe. Critics claims Google needs to become more transparent with their business practices. German justice minister Heiko Maas recently expanded on this notion by stating Google should reveal the algorithm they use to rank sites in their search engine.

This demand is not likely to be met, as their algorithm is essentially their “secret recipe” and a key part of their business model.

Google has opened up on this issue in the past, repeatedly saying their algorithm will not be revealed to the public to prevent spammers from manipulating the system. This fact however does not mean there is no solution to make both parties happy.

European privacy regulations has been tackling issues such as the NSA and charges against Uber, many of which are against American companies.

One proposed solution is to split Google into several smaller companies with less influence going to each field.

What do you think? Should Google reveal their algorithm?