Dominos Pizza Embraces and Invests into their Technology


Domino’s Pizza is an interesting study in technology and advancement, particularly in its Pizza Tracker service. For a company as large as Domino’s to emphasize transparency within this technology is truly groundbreaking.

When a customer orders a pizza from their web site, the Pizza Tracker shows up, and the order is automatically sent to the appropriate store. While the pizza is being made, a real-time meter shows up, updating the customer on the progress of the order until it is delivered safely. Compared to other online ordering places, and pizza places in general, this is far and away the easiest system. From Prep, to Bake, to Box, to Delivery, this is the way of the future for companies. Domino’s recognizes this, and has seen results, where their stock hit a record high, while Pizza Hut and Papa John’s have mostly stayed flat.

Domino’s single largest department is their IT Department. Their newest focus is Dom, a version of Apple’s Siri technology. Dom lets you order pizza anytime, anywhere from your mobile device after a simple download. It can handle taking an order for carryout or delivery, handling saved Easy Orders, suggesting additions to a meal, and finding coupons for the best deals.

Dominos spent $205 million on measured media in 2013, and continues to invest in future projects that use technology to get pizzas to consumers quickly. They also partnered with Ford for the first in-car ordering system on Ford Sync vehicles.

With technology like this, Domino’s is proving quick to adapt to new trends and implement them in a way that builds customer loyalty (and makes money) all at once. Domino’s has come a long way from admitting in a commercial in 2009 to less-than-favorable pizza reviews being accurate to being on the cutting edge of new technology and making more sales than ever.