Apple Releases Cheaper iPod Touch Model

A new and cheaper iPod Touch with a 5 megapixel camera has been announced by Apple.

This new iPod will begin at 200 dollars for a 16 GB model, 30 dollars cheaper than the last iteration in the Touch series. The new iPod will also include the iSight camera, which was missing from the previous model.

 In addition to the new camera and multitude of colors, the lower cost iPod Touch has an A5 processor, Facetime abilities, and a 4 inch retina display. iOS 7 comes installed on the new iPod, but it will be compatible with iOS 8 which launches in a few months.

The new iPod Touch is currently available in stores in the United States. It will be released worldwide within the next few days. The 23 and 64 GB models will sell for 250 and 300 dollars.