Top 3 Apps to Grow Your Business’ Facebook Page

One of the best ways to bring more exposure to your business’ Facebook page is by using one of the many third-party applications or suites that are available for the social network. Doing so will enable your page to be much more appealing to your targeted audience while also increasing engagement and user experience. This improvement will lead to more organic growth more virality for your content, and possibly more leads. A larger and more engaged Facebook audience will also assist in building your brand recognition on the Internet.

There are literally thousands of apps available on the web, but these are 3 of my favorites that has generated a lot of activity on my personal pages.


1. Fan of the Week

This app is great for pages that have already build up a bit of a following. By participating with your page’s posts and updates users are able to gain points. A leaderboard is kept on your page so fans can see where they stand in comparison to other users. It is a great idea to encourage users to reach the top of the leaderboards by offering prizes or some kind of incentive. By displaying user’s points, your fans will become competitive with one another, therefore increasing activity on your page.

More activity means mores, more comments, more likes, and more reach for your brand and products.

2. Static HTML

Static HTML enables you to directly embed any page from your site onto your Facebook page. This feature is great for those who may have something of importance to share that Facebook does not naturally support. An example of this is a contact form and a shopping cart for your products. If it can be embedded onto your site, it can be placed into this tab on your Facebook page. Another good use for this is to incorporate a newsletter sign-up form to gather users contact info.

1. Heyo

Heyo is a fantastic app to use which will enable you to throw contests for your users, and collect their information for future use. Heyo features an easy to use drag and drop designer allowing businesses to drive engagement, increase activity, and capture user data with so much ease.  There are a ton of pre-made contest templates for use as well! By using Heyo, you can create a giveaway in which fans of your page has to “like” share” or “comment” to enter.