Sometimes More is Less – Web Design Trends

We’re always keeping up with the latest trends in web design, and thought it would be appropriate to highlight a few of the biggest things we’re seeing as we peruse our clients’ sites as well as those in the rest of the interweb.

Clean and Simple
This is a trend that we particularly enjoy. Clean, simple sites like Chef’s Choice Catering illustrate a concept of not being too “busy” but still having plenty of room for information and photos, drawing the user’s eye to the important parts of the site. Spacing and colors are important as always, which leads us into our next point.

Bold Colors
We use a variety of colors in different web sites, of course depending on what the client wants. When possible, it is a great idea (and also a trend among web designers) to use bold colors to bring attention to a specific section of the site, adding to a clean look and feel. Even just a few years ago, not every company had a web site. Now, it’s quite common, but clients want their sites to stand out. As bolder colors have made their way into the marketplace more often, so too has the desire for a bolder look to client web sites. Standing out from the pack can definitely help your image, and it’s still a challenge to come up with something that isn’t loud, but does have a unique look and feel. We’re up for it!

Web Fonts
Another way to help sites stand out is the use of Web Fonts. This enables your site to use more than just the few standard fonts like Times New Roman and Arial that appear on tons of other sites, and really express the personality of the site and its message to your viewers. Giving your site personality can definitely come through in the style of text you are reading, whether you’re going for a fun, exciting, engaging look or a professional, on-point message.

Whatever your goals are, and however you want to get there, Atomic can help. We stay on top of trends like these so that you aren’t merely a follower, but a leader in whatever interest you choose to pursue through us. We hope you’ve enjoyed our spotlight on the latest trends in web design!