Fix Internet Explorer Virus

Internet Explorer Bug

Hackers have setup websites that installs malware when you visit them.  You will get an email or ads that will entice you to go to these sites. If you are using Internet Explorer be mindful of the website links you click on either in an email or on the web.

The Hack exploits a bug in Internet Explorer and allows the attacker to take over your computer and do what they want.

This particular Hack/bug affects the every version of Internet Explorer.   This particular Hack relies on Internet Explorer’s add-ons.  Microsoft recommends running IE in “Enhanced Protect Mode” and disabling your third party add-ons.  To really fix the issue, use a different browser while the patch is being rolled out.

Microsoft is currently working on a patch for Internet Explorer and will release the update as soon as they are finished.  The really bad news is that if you are running Microsoft XP, you will NOT be receiving an update to fix this.  Microsoft needs to move fast on this issue because it may have a snowball effect.

Cybersecurity software maker FireEye Inc said that a sophisticated group of hackers have been exploiting the bug in a campaign dubbed “Operation Clandestine Fox.”  “It’s a campaign of targeted attacks seemingly against U.S.-based firms, currently tied to defense and financial sectors,” FireEye spokesman Vitor De Souza said via email. “It’s unclear what the motives of this attack group are, at this point. It appears to be broad-spectrum intel gathering.”

If you are having any issues with your Computer and you feel that this may be the issue, please contact us right away.