Next iPhone Coming in September?

Apple is rumored to be unveiling its next release of the iPhone this coming September.

This launch would come at a vital time for Apple, which is still making a profit on the iPhone, but has seen its market share fall due to increased competition from the lower-priced Android devices.

Many analysts expects Apple to adopt a new tactic to cover the mid-range smartphone consumer. Generally speaking Apple has offered their 1 year old and 2 year old models for 100 and 200 dollars off their latest model respectively. However, some murmurings suggest that the company may also release a new and lower-cost model of the iPhone along with the update to the current iPhone 5.

As of now there is no confirmation of new features that wil be available for the next iPhone. Most likely the new model will have basic camera and processor improvements. Some rumors have also been hinting at a fingerprint sensor ever since Apple purchased the company Authentec last year. The new model will be running iOS7, which has been in beta testing since June. The iOS7 software includes a new design, better organization, and a total rehaul of the iPhone’s menus.