Google Updates Play Services

Google rolls out it’s updated Play Services with features such as Google+ integration for customizing user expreience, in-app purchases, multi-player gaming, and more. Big news for the Android world it would seem, but I must say that I am not impressed. They are all definitely “must-have’s” for the Android world, but these are all things that Apple has done for years.

I’ve used both Apple and Android devices for years. There are things about both types of devices that I like and do not like. However, I must say I’m surprised to see all of the hype surrounding Google’s latest Play Services update. Am I misinterpreting all of the fuss being made? Is it not hype but more of a, “It’s about time!”? It’s hard to tell.

One thing about the new update that I do like is that you will be able to access your Google Docs from any app that takes advantage of the new Google Drive API, update your docs, work offline on them, and have them automatically sync with your online files once an internet conenction is made again. I don’t personally use Google Docs just because I have no need for it, but I can definitely see where this would be a huge bonus for those users who do.

All-in-all, any Google app developer will be happy about the update in general, and the update appears to have lots of updated features to improve upon current apps or allow you to make that app you’ve been wanting to make but just didn’t have the functionality to do so. So head on over to and check out all of the services available to you.